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Remember pain in what ever way it has been given to you; it will help you to comfort anothers!

Just have the courage to feel that pain and know that all pain is the same pain; only the illusion of seperateness makes us believe ours is different!

Most of us do everything we can to avoid it or suppress it and yet when pain catches up with us it eventually forces our acknowlegement and acceptance. 

So often we become intrenched in our hurt feelings, our indignation, our physical dis-ease; it seems like that's all that we can see, all that matters.Pain is a uncomfortable gift but I believe it's still a gift, even if its one we wouldn't wish on anyone.

For years I wondered what on earth my three day long migraine head aches were there to teach me... It dawned on me, in the middle of such a bout, that it was a powerful reminder of the pain, in all its various forms, suffered by humanity as a whole. Perhaps I could use my own suffering to cultivate compassion for the suffering of others. Perhaps this was a good reason for all of us to experience some kind of suffering. It could help us feel deeply what physical pain, psychological pain must be like for someone else; 'Putting ourselves in someone elses moccasins'

So Remember pain in what ever way it has been given to you; it will help you to comfort another's! 

It takes a little effort of will to begin with but the practice of this kind of understanding can make all the difference to our social relationships. There are many instances where, if you look a little deeper, you most likely will find some form of pain. Where there is anger there has been pain. Inexplicable vindictive or bad behavior, sadness or depression are also indicaters of pain lashing out or turned inward on the self. 

When we see this in a child - often a bout of uncontrollable anger or hysteria- there is, as Eklehart Tolle explains, an opportunity to bring that pain into consciousness. 

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