Jessie's Children's Books

About Jessie Fiske Darlington

After graduating from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) in Nova Scotia Canada and moving to the south of France, I spent several years working in children’s street theatre and running art and theatre workshops for primary school children.

I continued to do freelance graphic work. I also began designing edible landscapes and doing Permaculture design with my husband Andy while bringing up our own two children on our farm in the Corbières mountains at the foot hills of the eastern Pyrenees. Its here that I still draw and write between gardening and looking after 85 rare breed sheep (and their lambs). I am a SCBWI member.

The child in me is always in wonder at the magic of books; not only books for fun and for learning, but also books that take us on journeys through time and space, books that open doors in our understanding and windows into other worlds; stories that help us understand our own, as well as other peoples, cultural heritage, and most especially books that open new spiritual and social dimensions in this exciting time of great change. The picture books of our youngest years, like the story tellers and bards of old, engrave lasting impressions. They can clear pathways for deeper understanding and help to guide the evolution of our consciousness as we grow.