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A New Agriculture; Transition Agriculture. Creativity in Agriculture. Regenerative Agriculture

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops but the development and cultivation of human beings" Masonoba Fukuoka

Our Disappearing world

In the dusk of a fading day I am aware that I am also in the dusk of a whole world that is disappearing. 'Life is brief and very fragile' - these days it is also laced with toxic chemicals -and the seeds of its own destruction... or transformation as the case may be.

Remember pain in what ever way it has been given to you; it will help you to comfort anothers!

Just have the courage to feel that pain and know that all pain is the same pain; only the illusion of seperateness makes us believe ours is different!

What our thoughts might be doing to the environment!

Everything is connected; It follows that if a thought can pollute our inner environment it will also be poisoning our relationships and that includes everything from our relationships with the people, plants and animals around us, to the air, water, earth which sustain them.

Maintaining vigilence of our thoughts and their patterns

Do you ever imagine you are alone, or at least, in your head? Think again!

On Disobedience

Evaluating the potential importance of disobedience in education/ civil disobedience

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