Jessie's Children's Books

Home Sweet House

A few years ago I met a little girl who was living in a van with her single mum; she wanted to show me round her home on wheels.

She also wanted to see what it was like ‘inside’ my house. This book is for her, and others like her, eager to share each others cultures, however different, through those ports of call on the sea of life that we call our houses and homes.

Home Sweet House is a poetic tribute to the ingenuity of man (and beast) creating homes in every conceivable environment on this earth.

The shelters people make are at the center of lives all over the planet and each one offers a unique warmth and welcome. Follow a little girl and her Dad on a backpackers world tour. Lift the flap to catch a glimpse of the inside of each house they visit and find out what's happening there!